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Beth's 8th grade graduation

January 17, 1989 - October 5, 2005

"It's not the years in your life, it's the life in your years"

Five years ago today October 5, 2005 our lives were forever altered. Our daughter, granddaughter, sister, niece, cousin and friend to all who crossed her path was called home. The sting of that night is permanently etched in our hearts and minds.

To all our family and friends who have grieved with us, laughed with us, supported us,  and kept Beth in your hearts these last 5 years we cannot thank you enough. Each and everyone of you has at onetime or another picked us up and kept us moving.

Bethany; we love you and miss you so much.......and we will  "see you again someday"

Mommy, Daddy, Jim, Zach, Mr. Dickie, Ms. Monica, Mamma & Pappy, and all your family and friends

On October 5, 2005 a parents worst nightmare became a reality.  Our beloved Bethany lost her life in a single vehicle accident near her home in Hampstead, Md.  She was returning home from a high school volleyball match.  Beth was 16 years old at the time of her death. 

Beth had a zest for life that most only dream of.  She loved her family, her friends, her sports.  Beth was the starting setter for the Westminster High School Varsity Volleyball team.  Beth also played basketball for her school, having been a starter for the junior varsity she had the potential to have been a starter for the varsity team this year.

Bethany is survived by her mother Chrissy, brothers Jim and Zach.  As well as her dad Ronnie, his girlfriend Ms. Jacki, her daughters, Brenna and Callynn, and myself, her step-father Mr. Dickie.  She is also survived by her maternal grandparents Mary Ann and Cliff, aka: Mamma & Pappy.  As well as numerous aunts, uncles, and cousins.  In addition her boyfriend, Marc and dear friends Brandy, and Jill.

We all had our favorite names for Beth, some of which are; Little Lucy, Bessy, Bessy Boucher "the water girl". 

It is hard to imagine the world without Beth in it.  Life will never be the same for any of us, we love and miss her very much everyday.  I personally find myself thinking "Beth would like that" or "Beth needs to think about this".  Then I catch myself, and realize, Beth is not here.  I look up at the children's pictures on our wall. I see Jim and Zach's and I know that next year we will add their newest pictures.  Then I look at Bethany's junior class picture (her last ever), and I think to myself this is it, no updates, the boys will grow, graduate, marry, and start families of their own.  But Bethany, will forever be 16, forever young, forever loved, forever missed.

The holidays have came and passed, the first of the rest of our lives.  To say it was a very tough day for all of us would be an understatement.  Words can not express the pain we felt at not sharing this day with Bethany.  We visited the cemetery on Christmas day, it was raining just like the day we laid our angel to rest.  We believe it is the angels weeping.

Tuesday, January 17th Beth's birthday was another very tough day for all of Beth's family and friends.  Yet the acts of kindness, love, support, and sportsmanship shown by so many brought us all great comfort.  The Westminster High girls varsity basketball team beat pappy's Liberty Lions 52-30.  Bethany had played with the Liberty girls on pappy's AAU teams, so it was a very emotional game for both teams.  Both teams started all juniors in Beth's honor, the Westminster girls took an early lead and never looked back.  The girls also decorated the gym with balloons and posters in honor of Beth's 17th birthday.  The ceremony prior to the start of the game brought tears to many of us, and again showed us just how special Beth was to all of you too.  Bethany's memory will live on in the hearts of a great many people, and for that we are profoundly grateful.

        Thanks to the family members and friends that went to Applebee's with us after the game.                

You all helped us celebrate Beth's memory.


Chrissy, Ronnie, Dickie, Jacki, family, and friends!

Easter and Mother's Day have come and gone.  Again, the first of the rest of our lives.  Both days were very difficult especially Mother's Day for Chrissy.  But through the love and support of family and friends we were able to make it through each day. 

The "Yeager Resort" has officially opened for the summer frolicking season.  We will miss not hearing Beth goofing around & laughing with her family and friends in the pool.  Beth (as well as all the grand kids) just loved being at Mamma & Pappy's especially in the summer.  There is always so much to do at the "Yeager Resort" other than the pool, you have the basketball court, playing cards, watching television, eating, and last but not least "Springers" baseball (if you don't know what Springer baseball is, just ask).  We hope that all of those that have visited the "Yeager Resort" in the past will continue to do so and share their favorite Bethany stories with us!

On Thursday June 8th, 2006 the Bethany Shay Green Memorial Scholarship awarded it's first ever scholarships. The scholarship fund received six applications for consideration from very deserving young ladies. The scholarship fund is pleased to announce that all six requests have been honored. The scholarship committee met and decided on a two tier format, with three ladies receiving $3,000.00 and three ladies receiving $1,000.00 each. The winners of the $3,000.00 scholarships are, Stephanie Outten, Kristan Zepp, and Brianne Sims. The winners of the $1,000.00 scholarships are Brittany Baer, Katelyn Price, and Lindsay Cronin. The family of Bethany would like to congratulate these young ladies on their past success's and offer our heartfelt hope for their continued success.

Click here to view a larger picture

Click here to view a larger picture

October 5, 2006: It is hard to believe that it has been one year since Bethany passed away.  We have all felt a wide range of emotions leading up to this day, but most of all we miss Beth terribly, not a day goes by that she is not on our minds.  October 5, 2005 is still so fresh in my mind that I can close my eyes, hear that night, see that night, even smell that night.

Chrissy, Mamma, Pappy, Aunt's Renee', Karen, & Cindy, Ronnie, Monica & myself went to early mass today, then to breakfast. Afterwards Chrissy & I stopped at Beth's grave for a few minutes.  We are expecting family and friends to stop by this evening to share their favorite Beth stories, look through her pictures and remember Beth for the person that she was. 

We would like to again thank everyone for their love and support this past year, without all of you I am not sure that we could have stayed strong.  From the bottom of our hearts, thank you!


Chrissy, Dickie, Ronnie, Jimmy, & Zach 

Another holiday season is upon us, and as we prepare for the upcoming festivities we cannot help but reflect on past Christmas's shared with Bethany, and try to prepare ourselves for another Christmas without her.  

Yesterday was Thanksgiving, Chrissy, Jim, Zach and myself spent the day with family at Mamma and Pappy's.  I could not help but thinking to myself of past Thanksgiving's with Beth at "The Yeager Resort".  Battling over who was going to get the last spoonful of mashed potato's, or the funny conversations that always seem to result when Beth was involved.  Mamma started a tradition last Thanksgiving by reading a prayer Beth wrote many years ago.  

So as you all go about the business of readying yourselves for the holidays, please take a few minutes and remember Bethany and what she meant to you.

Christmas Eve 2006;  Christmas is here we would like to thank all of ours friends, family, and those we have never met that have been touched by Bethany's story, or life.  It is because of you that we can meet each day with a renewed hope of better times ahead.  Each and everyone of you have provided support for us, sometimes without even realizing it.  So at this blessed time of the year we give thanks for all of you!, and wish each and everyone of you a joyous Christmas, and a Happy New Year!

Love, Chrissy, Dickie, Jim, Zach, Ronnie and Monica

Today is Bethany's 18th birthday, please keep Beth and her family in your thought's today.  It is difficult to say "Happy Birthday" under the circumstances, because there is nothing "happy" about the situation.  But our love and devotion to Beth allows us to wish her a Happy Birthday!. We love you and miss you very much!

Tonight we will travel to Liberty High to watch the Lady Owl's play the Lady Lions in basketball.  The same two teams played on her birthday last year at Westminster, as most of you know Beth played for Westminster.  Go Owls!  

Today February 21, 2007 Westminster High School celebrated the high school careers of 4 seniors with Senior night at the years last home game.  Beth would have been a senior this year and we appreciate the team and school choosing to include us in the festivities and honor Beth's athletic career.  In addition the school unveiled their new pads on the walls under each basketball net during halftime of the game.  When Bethany passed our family requested that honorariums be donated to several worthy causes, one of which was the Westminster High school athletic fund.  The money donated in Beth's name as well as Mrs. Carol Head allowed the school to purchase and dedicate one mat to each individuals memory.  A plaque was permanently affixed next to each mat forever honoring Beth and Mrs. Head's memories.  Speaking for our family we thank all of you who graciously donated to Westminster High schools athletic program in the name of Bethany Shay Green.

May 19, 2007, the Westminster Jaycee's invited our family, as well as the family of Megan Taylor to the Jaycee fields off of Uniontown road in Westminster. The purpose of the invitation was to dedicate 2 tree's in memory of Megan and Bethany, both of whom grew up playing softball at these fields and left a lasting impression on all those that crossed their paths. We appreciate the gesture the Jaycee's have made in honoring Beth, as well as Megan, this gesture ensures a lasting memorial to these wonderful young ladies. Both ladies were remembered for their sportsmanship, passion for the game, as well as the way in which they lived their lives. 

Click here to view a larger picture

Click here to view a larger picture

June 7, 2007, Senior awards night. Once again The Bethany Shay Green Memorial Scholarship Fund distributed funds to qualifying seniors from Westminster High. We are pleased to announce that $27,000.00 was awarded this school year. This in what would have been Beth's senior year the scholarship's were opened to both male and female scholar athletes that played a varsity sport. Recipients names as well as more pictures are forthcoming.

Chrissy & Ronnie awarding scholarships.

.October 5, 2007 - It is now a little after 9:00 PM, this time 2 years ago our nightmare was unfolding as we waited at Shock Trauma for word of Beth's condition. This the 2nd anniversary of Beth's death is a little awkward, Chrissy took a much needed vacation in Europe with her girlfriend's, Zach is with his dad at a soccer tournament in Dillsburg, Pa. So this just leaves Jim and myself home, after I got off work today Jim and I visited Beth's grave the went to dinner before returning home.

Time has not diminished the sadness we all feel, we all ask "why?", "why Beth?, I am not sure if that question will ever be fully answered. We wonder who you'd be today?, we still can't believe your gone,  we'll see you again, someday....

We love you and miss you very much!

December 4, 2007 - Thanksgiving has came and went, once again the family gathered at Mamma & Pappy's for dinner. It is hard to believe that this was our 3rd Thanksgiving without Bethany, and another Christmas is fast closing upon us. We have done so much this year with Zach's endless soccer and basketball games, camping, The "Yeager Resort", trips to Pittsburgh, our annual camping trip with Brandy Lou, taking Jim to see his girlfriend (yes girlfriend! more on that later) to just the everyday activities. But with all that we do, wherever we go, Bethany is always with us!.

Jim has met a very nice young lady her name is Brittany, she has already been over to Mamma & Pappy's, so this is serious folks! We are very happy for Jim, he is growing into a fine young man.

As for Zach, what can we say, he is the wild man, always on the go, any sport, anytime, anywhere! (sounds like someone else we all know?) He too is growing up way too fast. Both boys are doing extremely well is school, and we could not be more proud!

Thank you all for the love and support again shown to us this year, we could not have made it without all of you!

From our family to your's have a very blessed Christmas & the Happiest of New Years!


Chrissy, Dickie, Jim, Zach, Brittany, Ronnie, and Monica

October 5, 2008  - I must apologize for not keeping up with this site, just like everyone else life keeps us hopping.

Chrissy & I stopped by the cemetery and found Beth's friends Jasmine and Jill visiting with Beth. It was very comforting to see the girls and to know that Beth is still very much a part of their lives. With the recent events dominating the headlines affecting the fire & EMS community and today being the 3rd anniversary of Bethany's passing it has been a trying week for all of us, especially Chrissy.

We would like to thank those that called, or sent a message of encouragement today. Your kind words and acknowledgement of the day once again lets us know that Bethany is not forgotten. For those that have said a silent prayer for us acknowledging our loss, we thank you too.

In the next few weeks I will make an effort to everyone on the scholarship awards this past school year.

Again my apologies for not keeping up with this site, I hope to be able to do better.


Chrissy, Dickie, Jim, and Zach

Today is January 17, 2010, Bethany's 21st birthday. It has been a little over 4 years since we were all together. Time has not lessened our saddness, nor dulled the pain. Please join with us in the manner you choose in celebrating the 21st birthday of a very beautiful young lady. We love you Beth and we will see you again one day!

Love Mommy, Daddy, Jim, Zach, Mr. Dickie, Ms. Monica, Mamma & Pappy, and all your family and friends

March 15, 2012 We recently held our most successful Basket Bingo to date. We along with help from many friends & family were able to raise $12,532.02! an absolutely incredible amount! This is a testament to the person Beth is! Even after 6+ years her memory still inspires others to help us fund her memorial scholarship fund..

No amount of time will ever diminish our pain from losing Beth. Everyday whether you know it or not you along with Beth's memory inspires us to great each new day. We will see you again some day!

Love Mommy, Daddy, Jim, Zach, Mr. Dickie, Ms. Monica, Mamma & Pappy, and all your family and friends


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Bethany's headstone has been set in place. It is a very beautiful stone, please stop by and visit!


Picture 1

Picture 2

We would also ask that all of you please keep the families of Nelson Sims, and Zach Ondrish in your thoughts and prayers. 

As well as all those that have died way too young...


Our family has established  "The Bethany Shay Green Memorial Scholarship

We are hosting/sponsoring different fundraisers to support the scholarship.

Please click here to see what we are doing, and to participate.

Events Page Updated April 15, 2023

I hope you have enjoyed reading about our Bethany, and will continue to visit. 

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